Recommended Gear

So, you wanna podcast? Cool.

A few pointers:

* Connect directly to ethernet if possible, and turn off your WiFi. We have links to adapters below.

* Use your best microphone. We recommend the Blue Yeti. Apple earbuds are passable, but having a good microphone is a smart investment.

* If you get the Yeti, you’ll also want a pop screen and a boom. Links below.

* Prior to recording, shut off any ambient noise makers (e.g. your air conditioner, any fans, etc.) and alert roommates and/or family you’ll be recording.

* Have fun. Life is short. What we say online echoes in eternity. Unless we edit it out.

Purchase links:

* Ethernet to USB Adapter
* Ethernet to Thunderbolt Adapter
* Blue Yeti USB Microphone
* Pop Screen
* Scissor Mic Boom