45 “Elvis of the North”

Jun 5, 2016

Messrs. Kautzman and Kelly get back on the horse to discuss ayahuasca visions, the power and meaning of gratitude, how to ask better questions, Prince and (as ever) JAWS.

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33 “Bloods, Crips & Cops”
feat. Dwayne Williams

Nov 26, 2015

Long-time Minneapolis resident Dwayne Williams joins the podcast to discuss the Jamar Clark situation, police brutality and driving while black. “Scandos” are coined and discussed (those rotten, soulless fuckers). We hate on the goddamned awful …

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29 “Externalized Cost”

Oct 24, 2015

Messrs. Kautzman and Kelly discuss a wide array of fascinating topics, including Ikea, writing, head injuries and the idea breast cancer victims need to start supporting NFL players with purple-colored armbands. Generally, the more armbands …

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